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Internet Options in Loreto Bay Today and Tomorrow

In the time since Loreto Bay was born there have been massive changes to the area. One thing that hasn't changed much in that time is the lack of quality Internet service. There are two major components that make for good service: speed and reliability. One without...

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Loreto Bay Internet Connections

Small Ship Cruises Making Many Visits to Loreto

Thanks to COVID-19, the cruise industry has been in dock for much of 2020. As of this writing it is unknown when the bigger ships will return to the seas. When I heard that ships would be coming to Loreto, I was a bit surprised. This was documented in depth in a...

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Safari Voyager Cruise Ship

Shopping for Groceries in Loreto

We've done our best to build out a wide variety of restaurants to visit on our Places to Eat in Loreto page. The latest count shows 40 options and we will keep trying to add more as we get the chance. Many of you will be in Loreto long enough that you will want to...

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vegetables at store

The Ships Are Coming to Loreto

Cruise ships have been visiting Loreto for years. But this season there will be more than in past years. In total, 12 visits are planned. In the past, a very basic list of the visits was found on the Traveling to Loreto page. Now the list on that page is...

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Royal Princess Cruise Ship

Looking for Tasty Food in Loreto?

Loreto has a lot to offer and one of the best things it offers is amazing food. While it has a lot of great traditional Mexican dishes and seafood, you'll also find many other varieties of food. There is something for every palate. One thing that has been difficult...

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Restaurants in Loreto

History of The Flying Sportsmen Lodge in Loreto

My first trip to Loreto was in 2005 so anything before that is something I can only read about. Recently a post entitled Flying Sportsmen Lodge — Tribute To Tenacity was written with a fairly detailed history of a lodge long gone. You'll definitely want to give it...

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Loreto and Loreto Bay Events Calendar Full of Fun

When you are in Loreto, you want to have some fun! There are no shortage of events where you can find fun as long as you know about them. One of the new additions to our Web site is a calendar listing upcoming events. Yes, you can also scroll backwards to see what...

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