13 Reasons and 12 Delicious Restaurants Provide Motivation to Visit Loreto

April 29, 2017

If I had to narrow down the reasons to visit Loreto, it would be a struggle. With each visit, I find a few more reasons. Of course the reasons that motivate any individual will depend on what they enjoy most. As an example, I’m not a person who enjoys fishing. I do enjoy scuba diving to look at fish and eating fish at the local restaurants. Regardless of how I feel about fishing, it is a big reason for many visitors who come to Loreto.

Jackie Nourse is the founder of The Budget Minded Traveler site and she has recently spent time in Loreto. As part of her visit, she has written two posts. The first provides 13 Reasons to Make Loreto (Baja California Sur) Your Next Getaway. They are all great reasons, though admittedly I’m not sure all of them would have been in my top 13. Even though I’ve spent quite a bit of time in Loreto over the past decade, there were a couple that were new to me. Definitely give it a read and you’ll likely want to get to Loreto soon.

One of the reasons was food and that leads to another post by Jackie titled 12 Delicious Restaurants in Loreto, Mexico. I’ve not even been to nine of her choices. That definitely gives me some places to check out during my next visit. Similarly, quite a few of my favorites are not on her list. My guess is this is simply because she has yet to visit them. Notably absent are the restaurants in Loreto Bay as all of her choices are in the town of Loreto with one exception.

You’ll find my favorites at Places to Eat in Loreto and some of the best deals at Loreto Dining Specials. Jackie and I definitely agree that there is no shortage of great food in Loreto and the prices can’t be beat! Come visit Loreto and enjoy all it has to offer!


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