Part of the reason I love coming to Loreto is the underwater world of the Sea of Cortez. When I visit, I go scuba diving or snorkeling almost every day. On my most recent visit, a friend and I decided to take an excursion on the WanToSea glass bottom boat and the expedition was awesome!

It leaves out of Puerto Escondido which is about ten miles south of the casa in Loreto Bay. If you do not have transportation, they will try to help you get a ride from either Loreto Bay or the town of Loreto. Our boat actually left the harbor a couple minutes early as all passengers were aboard.

The glass window in the bottom of the boat showed the channel exiting the harbor to be filled with sea stars. It was a pleasant surprise at the beginning of the journey. As the boat went out to Isla Danzante, various tasty snacks were passed around and some cold beverages to wash it down. Along the way, we got names of all the different fish we saw in the window. I’ve seen the fish when I’m diving, but didn’t always know the names of the fish. I’m excited to now know what I’m seeing.

After we got to the back side of the island, we were given the opportunity to snorkle. For those who didn’t want to get wet, they were welcome to stay in the boat. I had my own gear, but gear is supplied if you need it. I brought along a GoPro and captured a few photos underwater.

The first two show a sea star on the floor of the Sea of Cortez and then sitting on the boat. Yes, we put it back in the water after taking photos.

A Panamic Cushion Sea Star sits of the floor of the Sea of Cortez.

Panamic Sea Star in Loreto Mexico

Look really carefully at the photo below and you can see the Scorpion fish blending in with its surroundings.

A Bradley Sea Star hiding behind a Stone Scorpionfish.

Here you can see some Sergeant Majors and a sea star.

Panamic Sergeant Majors, a Bradley Sea Star and more.

At the end of snorkeling, my friend looked up through the window in the boat.

Snorkeler under glass bottom boat

A shot of me with one of the sea stars I brought back to the boat for photos.

Red sea star

There were a couple of different snorkeling stops, more food and even plenty of things to see above the water. Some days you’ll even be lucky enough to see whales, dolphins, manta rays and more. We saw some big whales in the distance, but the whales dove deep before the boat could get near them.

It was a great day on the Sea of Cortez and something you should strongly consider if you are going to be visiting Loreto!


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