SOAR 2019 Annual Slide Show

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THANK YOU all SOAR Sponsors/Donors/Fosters/Escorts & Volunteers!

SOAR (Support Oregon Animal Rescue) Annual Street Party 2/9/19
Please join us in celebrating the milestone of sending 331 dogs (and some cats) from Loreto to forever homes in Portland, Oregon as well as our successful spay/neuter/food program and our emergency animal medical fund. The Street Party will be on February 9, beginning at 5:30 pm at Pedro’s in Loreto Bay. There will be baked goods, food and beverages for purchase, dancing to Los Beach Dogs and a fun background slideshow that will play all night to celebrate our sponsors and volunteers. An entry fee of 200 pesos per person will help more animals in Loreto.

SOAR raises funds to accomplish the following goals:
* Transport dogs/cats from Loreto to shelters in Portland
* Provide dog food for Ramon’s Families
* Provide free spay/neuter coupons for Ramon’s Families
* Provide food for Loreto Bay’s spayed/neutered feral cats
* Provide emergency medical funds for animals of Loreto/Loreto Bay.