I see locals and tourists enjoying a variety of activities, but one that is extremely popular is reading books. There are some who still need to hold a physical book in hand, but there are also a number of people using some sort of electronic device to read ebooks. Personally I have a Kindle Fire HD 10 tablet that is perfect for reading indoors. By the pool I have a Kindle Paperwhite that works well in full sunlight. While do I love reading on a device? Very simple, that one device can hold hundreds of books!

Today I want to introduce an author that has written a number of books featuring Baja including Loreto. Jinx Schwartz has a series of books featuring the character Hetta Coffey where Hetta and friends are moving around the Sea of Cortez in a yacht. While some of the adventures are a little over-the-top, the boating aspect is spot-on since Jinx spent 30 yards cruising the Baja waters. There are currently 15 books in the series as of this writing with the next one expected in the Summer of 2024.

I’ve read each of the books in the series and I’d recommend you start at the beginning with Just Add Water. While you don’t have to read them in order, it makes sense as the later books build on characters from the earlier books and may even reference things that happened in those books.

In 2022 she started writing an annual book in the Magnolia Bluff series that take place in Texas hill country. This is a series where multiple authors write books and Jinx is slotted to write one each year. Currently she has written two in the series, Born and Bred Texan and Texas Summers Are Murder.

She also has four other books that are outside of the series. One of them, Baja Get Away, is currently unavailable due to some issues at Amazon. Jinx hopes to re-release it in the near future for those who don’t already have a copy.

I have all of her books in Kindle format in my account and she also makes them available in print format for those who still want a physical book. In the past she has done some book signings and discussions in Loreto and she is already planning an event for early 2025. This gives you a chance to read some of her books so you can ask her all about them.

Of course there are many readers of this blog who already know Jinx’s books very well and have probably met her on multiple occasions. For those, now is a great time to visit the Jinx Schwartz Web site and catch up on any books you’ve missed.


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