SkyMed Virtual Seminar on Zoom

Online Virtual Event Loreto, BCS, Mexico

SkyMed Emergency Medical Evacuation and so much more. In a medical emergency, you and your loved ones will want to have options. That is exactly what Skymed offers you - options. 💙 Give yourself those all-important options and the SkyMed "peace of mind" with an affordable, flexible, and comprehensive Skymed Medevac Plan. Your family and friends back home will also be relieved to know you have SkyMed protection because they will know how to get you home in a medical emergency! Everyday SkyMed arranges and pays for medevac services to the home hospital of choice in the USA, Canada, or Mexico for members with serious or critical medical diagnoses that require treatment. Even a non-hospitalized member, who has been diagnosed with a serious condition that requires immediate treatment can qualify for a commercial roundtrip flight arranged and paid for by their SkyMed plan to get the treatment at their home hospital of choice. No other plan offers this level of protection. Additionally, all SkyMed members have access to air ambulance and commercial medical escort services for more serious medical emergencies. If you decide to stay in a Mexican hospital for your treatment, your SkyMed plan still offers valuable services such […]

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10th Annual Chocolate Clam Festival

Loreto Malecon Loreto, BCS, Mexico

10 years of a local tradition we will celebrate with the best of the local food more than 25 restaurants, dance, sing wine and dine. Reserve your table.

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